Who we were


infoasaid is a DFID-funded project that is being implemented by a consortium of two media development organisations - Internews and BBC Media Action.




The overall goal of the project is to improve the quality of humanitarian responses by maximising the amount of accurate and timely information available to both humanitarian responders and crisis-affected populations through enhanced information exchange between them in an emergency. The project has two main objectives: 


  • To strengthen the capacity and preparedness of aid agencies to respond to the information and communication needs of crisis-affected populations.
  • To partner with a number of aid agencies to help inform and support their communications response in a variety of emergency contexts.




Anita Shah - Head of Project

Anita leads the project. She oversees the delivery of infoasaid project work in the UK and in emergency response situations. Anita has worked extensively in crisis prevention and recovery, primarily with United Nations agencies in India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Switzerland. She has managed projects focusing on disaster risk reduction, response and recovery in the field, and has worked at UN Headquarters in Geneva on policy, advocacy, communications and capacity development.





Miranda Eeles - Humanitarian Liaison Officer

At HQ in London, Miranda is responsible for developing the library of generic messages, in close collaboration with the global cluster leads and with experts in the field. Together with other members of the team, she has also helped write the e-learning course on communication with crisis-affected populations. When deployed to the field, she supports humanitarian organisations to improve communication with affected populations through the delivery of training workshops, facilitating links with local media and other partners and brokering relationships. Miranda is a former broadcast and print journalist, having worked for ITN and the BBC in the UK and abroad. She worked for five years with UNICEF, first as a communication officer in Iran and then in Geneva in the media/emergencies unit. She has recently completed a Master’s degree in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.





Robert Powell - Local Media Officer

Robert’s role is to help aid agencies and infoasaid project partners develop two-way communications with the communities they are trying to assist in crisis situations. At infoasaid headquarters, Robert is in charge of producing a series of media and telecoms landscape guides to disaster-prone countries. He also provides training and consultancy to help aid agencies develop communication strategies. A veteran foreign correspondent, Robert has more than 30 years of experience in journalism as a reporter, news editor, editorial manager, journalism trainer and media project manager. 





Hannah Candassamy- Project Assistant

Hannah provides logistics and administrative support to the project as well as outreach and social media assistance. Prior to joining infoasaid, Hannah worked at the British Red Cross. She has previously worked as a project manager at Africa Connect, on policy and campaigns with ActionAid and at the British Youth Council in their International department. Hannah has previously been involved in the DFID Youth Reporter scheme and as a coordinator with the DFID CSO Youth Working Group. 






The research team is responsible for evaluation and learning within the infoasaid project. A key aspect of this work includes capturing learning from infoasaid's emergency responses and gathering evidence to demonstrate that communication with disaster-affected populations improves humanitarian response.



Carole Chapelier - Research Officer

Carole has over 10 years of research experience as a telecoms analyst and an audience researcher for media outlets broadcasting to North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan. Prior to joining infoasaid, Carole worked for a US-based strategy consulting firm in Rwanda.  Carole has a Master’s degree in International Economics from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.






Karen Proudlock - Research Officer

Karen has eight years’ experience of conducting policy research and advisory work in the fields of international development and humanitarian assistance. Prior to joining infoasaid, Karen worked for the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action, and as an Independent Consultant specialising in humanitarian policy; gender equality; programme evaluation and impact assessment. Karen has a Master’s degree in Anthropology of Development from the University of Sussex.






Credit: Copyright Jean-Baptiste Lopez/Fotozean.